Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slip & Fall

I've lived in my apartment for four and a half years. I have come close to falling on the stairs a couple of times and those have been some pretty close calls. I have actually fallen twice. The first time I blogged about, more so because it was funny and I felt sort of stupid. The second time I feel I should blog about because, well, I feel like it.

I took the morning off to go to the dentist. I got to sleep in, worked on some laundry and had plans to do a few other things afterward before heading in to work. On my way down the stairs (approximately 4 or 5 steps from the bottom), I managed to slip and fell down to the bottom. I'm not sure if it was my feet hitting every step on the way down, in attempt to catch myself, or my tailbone, but my tailbone took the brunt of things.

I was able to call my mom to tell her what happened, though I'm pretty sure that she did not realize it was me on the phone immediately. I have no idea how long I sat on that bottom step either. I think I was in shock. I tried to get out to my car to actually continue with my day, but almost passed out in the parking lot.

How a maintenence man was the only person to pass by me during all of this, I don't know. He didn't stop, but I doubt I looked like I was actually in distress. I probably looked like an idiot sitting on the bottom step. It was also a painful reminder that I live alone and know no one in my complex and my parents are an hour away. But thank goodness they're an hour away.

My mom got my dad to come check on me and inevitably take me to the doctor so that I could get an x-ray. Never in my life have I had anything x-rayed. Until today! Amazingly, nothing is broken, but I am in more pain than I've ever been in in my life. My dad was so kind as to point out that I'll probably never feel pain like this again... until I have a baby. Awesome. And now that has been put on an even more indefinite hold.

Thank heavens one of my good friends is a CMA at an urgent care and was nice enough to get me right in. I don't exactly know how I would've endured going somewhere else or to the ER. It was hard enough standing for the hour that I was at her office. Sitting hurts the worst, but laying down isn't that comfortable either. Standing was the most tolerable, but even that is getting harder. I'm not sure how I'm going to go back to work on Thursday. It will be very interesting, I guess.

From what I hear, this hurts for a pretty long time. I'm sort of hoping to be a medical miracle and be healed by tomorrow. I wonder what the odds of that really are...

Monday, March 22, 2010

E-mail Fail

Mondays are a big deal in my family. It's the one day that we get to hear from my brother. I've gotten myself into a pretty good routine when it comes to writing him. I hand-write him a letter on Sundays (occassionally it doesn't happen until later in the week, but I've done really well the past few months) and on Mondays, when I get to work, I e-mail him. Every week.

Today was no different, even though I'm pretty busy at work right now. I could've e-mailed him last night when I got home, but it was late and I had just finished the hand-written letter and felt like I'd end up writing about the same things. So I waited and just did my normal thing.

I got to work, wrote the e-mail, and clicked send. I patiently waited until the afternoon and periodically checked my e-mail to see if I'd gotten a response. When I noticed that I had one, I decided that I'd wait until I got home to read it. I just wanted to build the suspense a little. I like to do that to myself from time to time.

I got home a little while ago and opened my e-mail only to see in the first line of Coley's e-mail that he didn't receive an e-mail from me this week. I almost started crying right then. I didn't even read any further, I just went to my sent and draft folders to see what the problem was. I know that I wrote it, but at that moment I couldn't even remember what I had written!

I still don't know what happened, but what I do know is that AOL is on notice. This better NEVER happen again. I'm hoping that it's just floating around in cyberspace and gets pushed through eventually. I doubt that it's going to happen, but one can hope, right? To be honest, part of my anger is because it really messes up the book that I'm making for him. I mean, now an entire e-mail that I wrote intentionally is lost and I had to attempt to re-create it. It's like it's no longer genuine. I mean, I'll get over it. Maybe. But not today.

And if you're wondering, yes, I did cry. Right after I re-wrote him. I know he doesn't feel this way, but I feel like I let him down. Maybe this is what I get for making fun of my parents all those months ago for not sending him anything. They didn't do it intentionally, they just both thought the other had written him and it turns out that neither of them had a chance. My mom was a wreck for weeks. That'll probably be me this week.

P.S. I should also probably get out of the habit of even thinking the phrase "this is what I get for..." It's not healthy.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out With The Old

On the eve of my 28th birthday, I can't help but reflect on the past year. I've experiences some high highs and lows lower than I ever thought possible. I will certainly look back on the year I was 27 with great fondness, but I'm just now (yes, 3 hours before I was forced to) ready to leave 27 behind. I'm fairly certain that I will remember more good times from being 27 than not-so-good times.

To this point in my life, it has been my favorite age to be. I can only hope that 28 is even better. I know that I have every intention of trying to achieve that. Things happen for a reason. Of that, I am certain. The reason that they happen, though, I may never know. All I can do is appreciate the experience. And I do. I just may not always show it. That's something I'll be working on.

I certainly can't complain. I have fantastic parents and a brother so fun that people have actually asked if I'd trade with them. I have a good job, I'm healthy, I have great friends, and I a stronger testimony than I ever have before. I may not have EVERYTHING that I thought I would or that I want right this minute, but I'm in a decent place. I'm realizing that what I do have is what I'm supposed to have right now. The other things will fall in to place when they're supposed to.

So here's to... well, me. :-)